The Little Tree Acoustic artwork was created by Kirby Kana; click here to read about her wonderful creation for the concert series.

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Little Tree Acoustic House Concerts

... so the good spreads out where no telling it will go.
Little Tree Acoustic is a private house concert series in Lafayette, CO dedicated to creating an intimate listening space for professional singer-songwriter performers. If you want to experience music the way it should be experienced, join our friends-of-the-series email list so you can learn about and be invited to upcoming shows.

Little Tree has enjoyed a phenomenal lineup of shows that have included inspiring songwriting, animated story telling, expert musicianship, and moving poetry. Click on the images below for a sample of past performances.

Upcoming Little Tree Shows:

21 October 2017 Bettman and Halpin   (click for description)
17 November 2017 Ben Balmer and Josh Flowers   (description soon)
31 December 2017 - deadline to send some eclipse love to Connor Garvey   (click to learn more)

Bettman and Halpin in Lafayette

Saturday 21 October 2017 in Lafayette

Stephanie Bettman and Luke Halpin are long-time favorites of our Little Tree series. It's been far too long since they graced our stage, and we are excited to welcome them back!

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Bettman and Halpin's live performances are energetic, fun, quirky, often mesmerizing and sometimes downright hysterical. Their double-fiddle creations and vocal harmonies are absolutely transcendent experienced live. And their storytelling and quick-witted humor will keep you in stitches all night long.

Stephanie Bettman is an accomplished writer, singer, and fiddler: her lyrics stop you dead in your tracks, full of wit and wisdom, poetry and insight. Vocally she evokes comparisons to Joan Baez and Emmylou Harris, and her fiddling combines elements of bluegrass and jazz. A former actress and trapeze artist, Stephanie is at ease and creates authentic intimacy with her audience, no matter the size.

Luke Halpin is a freakishly talented and renowned multi-instrumentalist who channels the mandolin, guitar, banjo, and violin. At moments while improvising live, Luke lets go and begins swaying back and forth with his eyes closed, seemingly possessed by his instrument and vice versa. And the music he creates is pure magic.

Stephanie and Luke have performed together since 2008. Their five CDs have received critical acclaim and international airtime.

- Grand Prize Winners in the So Cal Live Acoustic Music Competition
- Winners in Southern California's Topanga Banjo / Fiddle Contest
- Most Wanted Artists at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival
- Music Connection's Top 25 New Music Critiques

Want to sample Bettman and Halpin's music? Click on these video links:

Click here to confirm your seats for this show.

Donations for concert seats from friends of the series are $20 and up, on a sliding scale, meaning you are welcome to pay more if you value and can afford a little more to support live music.

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You are invited to join Little Tree in sending some eclipse love

... to Connor and Amanda Garvey and their baby girl Madison.

Connor Garvey's daughter's arrival kept Connor and Amanda from getting to this year's total eclipse, as promised at his July 2017 Little Tree show, we are sending the Garveys a framed photo of the eclipse during totality, along with love notes from the Little Tree family. You are invited to join in on the fun and write a note to their newest addition. I hope you'll share your experiences and encourage Madison's seven-year-old future self to pester her parents to take her to the next American Eclipse in 2024.

How did you experience the 2017 eclipse? What surprised you? How were you affected? What thoughts did you have, and what emotions did you feel? What would you like to tell a little girl and her parents about your experience, and why would you encourage them to get to totality together in 2024?

If you want to participate as members of the Little Tree family, even if your connection with us so far is simply the eclipse glasses we sent you, please send us your contribution by December 31st, 2017, and we'll include it with the card and framed picture we send them to welcome in the new year.

Why was Joe an eclipse agitator in 2017?

In my day job I am a research scientist who frequently specializes in solar physics (though my research varies widely). I feel 1) I have insider information as a solar scientist on the wonder of the workings of the sun and of the eclipse, 2) a sense of obligation to give back to all you beautiful people who've been paying my salary all these years (I live on National Science Foundation and NASA grants paid for with your tax dollars), and 3) artists have special abilities to articulate experience and emotion that is worth feeding. For these reasons I became an eclipse agitator in 2017, and I felt our concert series was a sensible fit for that agitation. I'll leave the eclipse info up on the Little Tree page for you to return to and enjoy, so the good can keep spreading out to where no telling it will go.

If you want to join in on Little Tree's love note to the Garveys, let me know via email to We'll send a 5x7 card, which you can sign if you are local, or if you send something on paper, we'll fold it down to that size if it's larger.

Click here for fun eclipse info and to learn about the 50-year puzzle of the solar corona.

A New Tradition:

The Carousel of Happiness: As part of our companion concerts in Nederland in 2016, a new Little Tree tradition emerged, and it was to ride the Carousel of Happiness together, audience and artists, before every Nederland sister show.

The Carousel is a living testament to the power of music to help us maintain balance in the face of life's challenges, even extreme ones. It is the creation of a Vietnam wartime marine, Scott Harrison, who clung to a tiny music box to keep his wits about him during the insanity of war. When playing his music box he said he momentarily escaped the horrors of war by imagining the peaceful image of a carousel in a mountain meadow. Working through the aftermath of the impact the war had on him, Harrison found an abandoned carousel, brought it to Nederland, and then spent the next 26 years hand carving wooden animals to bring it back to life. The result is a beautiful testament to the power of music to carry us through our struggles in life.

It was a beautiful tradition, and if you find yourself up in Nederland, make sure to spend the dollar needed to ride the carousel. Scott Harrison made quite a tribute, and it's absolutely unique.

About the concerts ~ If you've not been to a show like this before, you may be asking, "What the heck is a house concert?" It's pretty simple. We book a performer, clear out the living room furniture (in the winter - the shows are outside in the summer), set up a stage area/sound system and chairs, and invite an audience for an evening of live music. Very similar to a coffee house setting, only in the intimate environment of someone's actual home. I first learned about house concerts back in 2009 when I hosted a Kentucky friend, Mitch Barrett, who toured through Colorado after winning the 2009 Telluride Troubadour songwriting competition. One show and I was hooked, and I've been hosting phenomenal artists in my home for over seven years now! It is a truly wonderful way to experience excellent artists and their music. I'm very excited to bring this type of experience and these musicians to our little part of Colorado.

Donations ~ All donations go to the artists. We suggest $20 and up, on a sliding scale, meaning you are welcome to pay more if you value and can afford a little more to support live music. In a rough patch and can't afford $20 right now? That's OK. Pay what you can. Times are good for you, and you can afford to donate a little more? Please do what you can to keep live music alive and thriving.

When ~ Doors open at 7:30pm. Music starts at 8:00pm.

Format ~ There are typically two sets of music, with beverages and homemade desserts shared at intermission. You are welcome and encouraged to bring something to share. There is time before and after the show and during the break to meet the artists and purchase CDs, books, or whatever else they have for you.

Rumcake ~ We always have it. It's a tradition, even though we are not exactly sure why. Most of the time that's just how traditions are.

Reservations ~ Advanced reservations are required. Email or call 303-620-6634.

(click an image for a sample of past performances)