The Little Tree Acoustic artwork was created by Kirby Kana; click here to read about her wonderful creation for the concert series.

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Little Tree Acoustic House Concerts

... so the good spreads out where no telling it will go.
Little Tree Acoustic is a private house concert series in Lafayette, CO dedicated to creating an intimate listening space for professional singer-songwriter performers. If you want to experience music the way it should be experienced, join our friends-of-the-series email list so you can learn about and be invited to upcoming shows.

Little Tree has enjoyed a phenomenal lineup of shows that have included inspiring songwriting, animated story telling, expert musicianship, and moving poetry. Click on the images below for a sample of past performances.

Upcoming Little Tree Shows:

31 December 2017 - deadline to send some eclipse love to Connor Garvey   (click to learn more)
20 January 2018 (SOLD OUT) Ara Lee and Beth Wood   (Planned Parenthood Fundraiser)

Ara Lee and Beth Wood (20 January 2018)

A benefit concert for Planned Prenthood of the Rocky Mountains

Saturday 20 January 2018 in Lafayette (SOLD OUT)

This concert is sold out

Want to get on the wait list? Send email to in case seats are freed up by last-minute cancellation. First come, first served.

It is unusual for Little Tree to start a new season right at the beginning of the year, but something ridiculously awesome is happening, and we HAD to fit in a show on the one-year anniversary of the Denver Women's March coming on January 20th.

The chorus of courage that is the #metoo movement has been breathtakingly powerful, right up to Time Magazine's selection of the 2017 Person of the Year: The Silence Breakers. Putting that collective voice of women everywhere to music, Ara Lee and Beth Wood wrote what they are calling a "lady-power anthem in these crazy days", and it has caught fire. Now they've been invited to perform their song, titled "Nasty Woman", at the one-year anniversary Denver Women's March to possibly more than the 200,000 walkers - that's the number who marched in support this past January when only a tenth that were anticipated.

While in town, Ara and Beth have graciously agreed to perform a benefit concert at Little Tree, collecting donations for Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.

Want to help make this happen? By clicking below, you can donate to their fundrasier, reserve seats for the Little Tree concert, or pitch in to help cover their travel costs so they can sing at the Denver Women's March.

Click here to reserve seats, donate to Planned Parenthood, support the artists.

You don't have to attend the concert or the march to contribute. Please consider pitching in to join us in thanking Ara and Beth for writing and performing their song and for raising money for Planned Parenthood. And please share this link with your friends and encourage them to donate too. Ara and Beth's trip out to Colorado is a special event that is not part of a planned Colorado tour, so your help in covering their travel costs is much appreciated and a big deal. Any travel donations in excess of their costs will be donated to Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.

Click on the video link below to hear the song they will perform at the Denver Women's March

Beth has performed twice so far at Little Tree, and she is a beloved series favorite who is welcomed back any time. Adding Ara is like adding gunpowder to a wildfire; an already explosive evening is going to be epic. Get your seats early before they sell out. (The concert venue is a private home, so seating is extremely limited. RSVP for the private address near the Lafayette Public Library.)

Check out these other videos of their original music:

Beth is a performance powerhouse with a long line of beautiful CDs, an equally long list of accolades (Songwriting and Performance contest Winner at Sisters Folk Fest, Kerrville New Folk, Wildflower, Rocky Mountain Folks Fest, Unisong International Songwriting Contest, ..., it's kind of ridiculous), and as if that's not enough, she's working on her second poetry book (my copy of her first, Kazoo Symphonies, is so dogeared and full of post-it notes it looks like a Tibetan prayer-flag ball).

I've only recently met Ara, first through her work with Beth, and now through her music, and I am impressed and powerfully affected by the way she puts her energy into the world. To get a sense of Ara, check out the evolution of her "Nasty Woman" co-creation and production here, and listen to the lyrics of her songs on her soundcloud collection.

A little about the artists ~ Beth Wood is a modern-day troubadour and believer in the power of song. Her exceptional musicianship, crafty songwriting, and commanding stage presence have been winning over American audiences for eighteen years. Beth's music is soulful, organic, intelligent, barefoot, high-energy communication of joy.

Picture a home-body with an ever-present wanderlust, an introvert with a passion for performing, a creative free-spirit with enough discipline to rework her dream year after year, calloused little hands and a big pile of curly hair ... and you've got Beth Wood.

Beth Wood began her musical journey in Lubbock, a high plains Texas town with a uniquely rich musical heritage that includes Buddy Holly, Natalie and Lloyd Maines, Mac Davis, and Joe Ely to name a few. When she wasn't dodging tornadoes and dust storms, Beth was studying classical piano, violin, harp, and voice and contemplating the greatness of her Dad's record collection. With big dreams of becoming a musician, Beth left west Texas to study voice and piano at Brevard College in North Carolina. A detour from her classical studies led her to Austin, where she picked up a degree in literature and a guitar. Beth began writing her own songs and quickly discovered a feeling of musical freedom that she has been hooked on ever since. Eighteen years, thousands of shows, nine albums, three cars, and numerous awards later, Beth has never looked back.

Beth has been featured on OPB's "Artbeat" and on "Troubadour, TX", a nationally syndicated documentary-style singer-songwriter reality television series airing in almost 40 million households and 140 U.S. markets. Beth has also been a three-time featured artist on Cayamo: A Journey Through Song, a week-long Caribbean songwriters' cruise.

In May, 2013, Beth launched her Song of the Month Club, an innovative way to engage fans and offer a steady stream of new work. The result of that work is "Sometimes Love," Beth's ninth album, recorded in her adopted home state of Oregon with rising star producer Tyler Fortier and released in 2014. Beth released her first book of poetry, "Kazoo Symphonies" (Mezcalita Press) in 2015.

Beth lives in Portland, OR and is loving the Northwest life. Beth has immersed herself in the northwest music scene, including working on staff with the Sisters Folk Festival and Americana Song Academy for five years as an instructor and host of the Sunday Community Celebration. Beth's work has expanded to include teaching voice and song coaching as well as leading workshops at festivals, retreats and beyond.

"Scratching the surface, I disappear
down in the belly of the place where I face my fear
tethered to my sketchy memory
there's a little bird singing out
won't you set me free?

"Shine a light and throw a rope
I could use a little hope
I ain't lookin for a hero
But some times it's a long hard climb just to get to zero

"When I finally see the sky, lord have mercy on my eyes"

from "To Get to Zero", words and Music by Beth Wood and Phil Madeira. On Beth's CD "Sometimes Love"

Ara Lee, when pressed, calls herself a singer-songwriter. But the image of a wispy, soft-voiced, guitar strummer that might come to mind couldn't be farther from what she does. Call it soul, call it folk, call it gospel, Ara sings like a woman with something to say, in a voice that makes you stop and listen, with lyrics that make you remember why you decided to be human once upon a time. Crediting Nina Simone and Rumi among her influences, Ara is equally comfortable with stripped down acoustic-driven folk and her signature soulful, tribal grooves. Known for her commanding stage presence, Ara Lee's shows, often called "musical church", cut straight to the gut. Backed by her band they're nothing short of a full tilt revival.

What are people saying about Ara?

"With a commanding stage presence and powerful voice, Ara Lee captivates the audience creating an emotionally charged atmosphere and getting the crowd dancing. To truly appreciate the lyrical and musical stylings of Ara Lee, you have to see her live." -- William Riddle, National Rock Review

"From Ara Lee's self-professed 'heathen gospel' to smokey blues to the most rhythmic R&B to the most deeply touching ballads, Ara Lee is a vocal treasure. She belts...she wails...she testifies..she rocks...she does it all with a depth and range like no other." -- Morry Feldman, WQED Multimedia Chicago

"I've never heard anyone sing like that in my life." -- Arnold Schwarzenegger

"No matter what tribe of the world you align yourself with, Ara Lee's music will speak to you at a primeval level, awakening emotions and spirits from your past, from our past." -- Gary Grainger, Bishop FM 105.9 (UK)

"Ara Lee sings with pure emotion and passion from the heart with a voice that reaches out and touches your soul... Her songs are well crafted with a unique style and phrasing combining elements of gospel and R & B. Ara Lee is a rare talent." -- KMUZ FM, Salem

"That old lady sure can sing." -- Random high school student, Northwest Choral Conference

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You are invited to join Little Tree in sending some eclipse love

... to Connor and Amanda Garvey and their baby girl Madison.

Connor Garvey's daughter's arrival kept Connor and Amanda from getting to this year's total eclipse, as promised at his July 2017 Little Tree show, we are sending the Garveys a framed photo of the eclipse during totality, along with love notes from the Little Tree family. You are invited to join in on the fun and write a note to their newest addition. I hope you'll share your experiences and encourage Madison's seven-year-old future self to pester her parents to take her to the next American Eclipse in 2024.

How did you experience the 2017 eclipse? What surprised you? How were you affected? What thoughts did you have, and what emotions did you feel? What would you like to tell a little girl and her parents about your experience, and why would you encourage them to get to totality together in 2024?

If you want to participate as members of the Little Tree family, even if your connection with us so far is simply the eclipse glasses we sent you, please send us your contribution by December 31st, 2017, and we'll include it with the card and framed picture we send them to welcome in the new year.

Why was Little Tree an eclipse agitator in 2017?

As a research scientist who frequently specializes in solar physics, Joe felt 1) a sense of responsibility to share his insider information on the wonder of the workings of the sun and of the eclipse, 2) obligation to give back to all you beautiful people who've been paying his salary all these years (he lives on National Science Foundation and NASA grants paid for with your tax dollars), and also that 3) artists have special abilities to articulate experience and emotion that is worth feeding. For these reasons Little Tree seemed an appropriate vehicle for inspiring people, especially artists, to go experience the total eclipse. We'll leave the eclipse info up on the Little Tree page for you to return to and enjoy, so the good can keep spreading out to where no telling it will go.

If you want to join in on Little Tree's love note to the Garveys, let me know via email to We'll send a 5x7 card, which you can sign if you are local, or if you send something on paper, we'll fold it down to that size if it's larger.

Click here for fun eclipse info and to learn about the 50-year puzzle of the solar corona.

A New Tradition:

The Carousel of Happiness: As part of our companion concerts in Nederland in 2016, a new Little Tree tradition emerged, and it was to ride the Carousel of Happiness together, audience and artists, before every Nederland sister show.

The Carousel is a living testament to the power of music to help us maintain balance in the face of life's challenges, even extreme ones. It is the creation of a Vietnam wartime marine, Scott Harrison, who clung to a tiny music box to keep his wits about him during the insanity of war. When playing his music box he said he momentarily escaped the horrors of war by imagining the peaceful image of a carousel in a mountain meadow. Working through the aftermath of the impact the war had on him, Harrison found an abandoned carousel, brought it to Nederland, and then spent the next 26 years hand carving wooden animals to bring it back to life. The result is a beautiful testament to the power of music to carry us through our struggles in life.

It was a beautiful tradition, and if you find yourself up in Nederland, make sure to spend the dollar needed to ride the carousel. Scott Harrison made quite a tribute, and it's absolutely unique.

About the concerts ~ If you've not been to a show like this before, you may be asking, "What the heck is a house concert?" It's pretty simple. We book a performer, clear out the living room furniture (in the winter - the shows are outside in the summer), set up a stage area/sound system and chairs, and invite an audience for an evening of live music. Very similar to a coffee house setting, only in the intimate environment of someone's actual home. I first learned about house concerts back in 2009 when I hosted a Kentucky friend, Mitch Barrett, who toured through Colorado after winning the 2009 Telluride Troubadour songwriting competition. One show and I was hooked, and I've been hosting phenomenal artists in my home for over seven years now! It is a truly wonderful way to experience excellent artists and their music. I'm very excited to bring this type of experience and these musicians to our little part of Colorado.

Donations ~ All concert donations go to the artist. Suggested donations for concert seats are $20 and up, on a sliding scale, meaning you are welcome to donate more if you can afford a little more to support live music. Separate donations are being collected for this show for Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. Also, since this will be Ara and Beth's only performance while in Colorado this time 'round, we are also passing the hat to cover the travel costs to bring them out here. You do not need to attend the concert to donate to support the artists or Planned Parenthood, so if you are remote or you're local and you can't make it, your grace is welcome and will be passed along to the artists at the show.

When ~ Doors open at 7:30pm. Music starts at 8:00pm.

Format ~ There are typically two sets of music, with beverages and homemade desserts shared at intermission. You are welcome and encouraged to bring something to share. There is time before and after the show and during the break to meet the artists and purchase CDs, books, or whatever else they have for you.

Rumcake ~ We always have it. It's a tradition, even though we are not exactly sure why. Most of the time that's just how traditions are.

Reservations ~ Advanced reservations are required. Email or call 303-620-6634.

(click an image for a sample of past performances)